10 Reason For Living and Investing on Colington Island

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As a long term resident of the Outer Banks since 1981 (almost a local!), a 32 year real estate broker and 17 year Colington Island resident, I’ve had the good fortune of knowing the pros and cons of all of the communities from Corolla through South Nags Head.  Here’s my thoughts on what makes Colington Island (there’s actually two!) unique and a great place to live and invest.

1. Waterfront Living

Colington Island has miles of shorelines to enjoy the spectacular sunsets, sailing, boating, fishing, kite boarding, kayaking and crabbing; a water person’s dream!

2. Ideal Central Location

The average drive time to the Atlantic ocean and the beach is seven to twelve minutes and with dozens of public beach parking accesses. Go 15 miles north you’re in Duck, 15 miles south you’re in South Nags Head or Roanoke Island. You’re close to all of the great Outer Banks restaurants and attractions, plus the three First Flight Schools are on Colington Road!

3. 2019 NC DOT Colington Road Improvements

Within 18-24 months Colington Road will be wider. It will be raised in areas of need and will have a 5’ wide trail/bike shoulders on both sides of the road. Residents and visitors will get connected with the miles of bike paths and pedestrian trails on the Outer Banks.

4. Best Priced & Valued Outer Banks Real Estate

Without question you’ll find the most affordable primary residences starting at $200,000. Canalfront homes starting at $250,000 and soundfront homes starting at $350,000. Many waterfront homes are vacation homes with income that helps to pay for the home, provides a second home get-a-way, a retirement, or a primary residence.

5. Wide Diversity of Communities & Subdivisions

There’s nine different subdivisions to choose from. All with waterfront properties, sound access, and amenity packages.

6. Bird Watching

One morning, the first week I moved to my Swan View Shores home, I was sitting on my top deck and within 60 seconds an Osprey, Red Headed woodpecker, and Blue Heron flew right above my head. Turns out this is the norm in my location. From hummingbirds to laughing gulls to Bald Eagles. It’s amazing!

7. Boating & Sailing

Colington Harbour has deep water canals allowing residents to sail the larger, sea worthy boats. Then there’s the Colington Harbour Yacht Club sailing regalia every Wednesday. Boats of all sizes enjoy the deep water access!.

8. Fishing & Crabbing

Full disclosure: I am not a fisherman, although my wife is. I’ve heard stories of great crabbing, shrimping, and fishing for Red Drum, Speckled Trout, Flounder and Rock Fish in the surrounding sounds, creeks and canals. I have eaten the evidence!

9. Top Notch Restaurants

Colington Café and Saltbox Café are always receiving well deserved accolades for their amazing dining experience. There’s no need to leave the island for great dining. We also have Colington Pizza and a new coffee and ice cream shop.

10. Billy’s Seafood

This is where I “catch” my fish. The freshest seafood on the Outer Banks from oysters, shrimp, blue crabs, crabmeat, tuna, grouper, clams, and much more. They’re affordable and awesome. You can stop in on the way home for dinner.

The Best Real Estate Market

Hope you find this blog informative. Please let me know if you have any questions or would want to know more about Colington Island Real Estate. I’ve assisted hundreds of buyer and sellers make Colington Island their home!

For more detailed information on the current state of the Outer Banks real estate market, please feel free to call Danny Fenyak at (252) 256-1818 or email him at dfenyak@outerbanksblue.com.

Outer Banks Real Estate Hot Markets

According to a recent article in Money Magazine (May 2015) for more than a decade the housing market has been in flux, in between that “just right” rate of growth that offers opportunities for both buyers and sellers, but by certain standards we may be getting closer. According to National Association of REALTORS® home prices nationwide are expected to rise 4.9% on average this year. At the same time inventory is expected to loosen up with 1.9M units on the market this year vs the market saturated 4M we saw in the late 2000’s.

Being in a resort and second home market we do see these trends hit our beaches last, as no one needs a vacation/second/rental home, although the investors still want them, and are always in search of a deal. The following are the details for the First Quarter Sales for the Outer Banks:

Outer Banks Real Estate Hot Markets:
Corolla SOLD 48 units – 38 on the Ocean side and 10 on the west side of Hwy 12. The average list price was $609,304 – the average SOLD price was $569,753 – capturing 93.50% of asking price.

Duck SOLD 21 units – 19 on the ocean side and 2 on the west side of Duck Road. The average list price was $453,537 – the average SOLD price was $418,409 – capturing 92.25% of asking price.

Southern Shores SOLD 18 units – 1 on the ocean side and 17 on the west side of Ocean Trail. The average list price was $383,694 – the average SOLD price was $360,322 – capturing 93.90% of asking price.

Kitty Hawk SOLD 20 units – 1 on the oceanfront, 5 in between the highways and 14 on the west side of the bypass. The average list price was $335,105 – the average SOLD price was $315,450 – capturing 94.13% of asking price.

Kill Devil Hills SOLD 58 units – 4 on the Oceanside, 16 between the highways and 37 on the west side. The average list price was $264,042 – the average SOLD price was $252,311 – capturing 95.55% of asking price.

Colington Island SOLD 15 units – 10 in the Harbor and 5 on the island. The average list price was $269,866 – the average SOLD price was $258,166 – capturing 95.66% of asking price.

Nags Head SOLD 37 units – 30 in Nags Head – 9 Oceanside, 12 Between the highways and 9 on the west side of the bypass and 7 in South Nags Head – 6 on the Oceanside and 1 on the west side of Old Oregon Inlet – the average list price was $505,894 – the average SOLD price of $472,839 – capturing 93.46% of asking price.

So as you can see, the vacation market of Corolla is the hot one in regards to numbers although the year round market and smaller home rentals of Colington and Kill Devil Hills are hot in the percent of list to sell.

Outer Banks Blue Real Estate Sales’ Stats
1872 Active Residential Listings as of 7/1/15
272 Pending Residential Listing as of 7/1/15
167 SOLD between 06/01 – 06/30/15

kim endre outer banks real estate hot marketsIf you desire any specifics as to your home or neighborhood please contact Kim Endre. Just call us at (252) 255-0482 x316 or email her at kim@outerbanksblue.com.