Listing Your Outer Banks Home in the Winter

As the dust settles and the smoke clears from the holiday season, you may think this is a horrible time to have your home on the market. This is actually one of the best times of year to list your home for sale for several reasons: 1) Inventory is usually at its lowest level at the beginning and end of the year, 2) access for buyers to see your home is also easy… much easier than in the summer months; and 3) many potential buyers receive holiday bonuses from the employers or gifts from family members.

All stats to which I refer in this blog are based on single-family homes from Corolla to Ocracoke, including Colington and Roanoke Islands. Per OBAR MLS statistics dating from 01/01/10 to 11/30/16, the months of November, December, January and February tend to have the lowest levels of average inventory. In fact, since 01/01/10, the two months with the lowest levels of average inventory were January 2013 (1,146 units available) and December 2016 (1,155 units available). The difference between 2013 and 2016 is that our current pace of sales is much stronger. In all of 2013, there were 1,126 unit sales whereas we hit 1,180 units at the end of November this year. I’m predicting a year-end 2016 total of 1,269 units sold… based on past historical trends.

outer-banks-winterTo better understand the difference in 2013 and 2016, we look to the absorption rate which is a theoretical calculation. It takes the current inventory and sales rate to determine the time it would take to deplete the current inventory. The average inventory for 2013 was 1,235 units and in 2016 has been 1,272 units. You may say that 2013 was a better year for sellers because the inventory was lower. However, the units sold in 2013 was 1,126 units versus [a predicted number of] 1,269 units for 2016. Using these figures, 2013 had an average absorption rate of 12.8 months [12*(1235/1126)] and 2016 looks to have an absorption rate of 12.0 months [12*(1272/1269)].

Simple supply-and-demand economics suggest that lower absorption rates put upward pressure on prices. At the very least you should continue to see days-on-market times getting shorter and seller discounts falling. You can see in the chart above that absorption rates rose in 2013 and 2014 before resuming the downward trend in 2015 and 2016. The average time on the market in 2013 was 233 days versus 212 days for 2016. The average discount off of asking price in 2013 was 5.59% versus 4.43% in 2016. Based on the average priced Outer Banks home, that is roughly $4,000 more dollars in the sellers’ pockets… and, 3 weeks quicker than back then!! On top of that the average price per square foot in 2013 was $185, whereas it is now averaging around $194. If you owned a 2,000 square foot home… that would be an $18,000 appreciation!!

You can see that the market has improved for sellers and that instills confidence in buyers, which will continue to fuel the market improvements. We’re in the season of hope, right?

With an improving market, ease of access and the holiday season of gifts and bonuses upon us, you may want to seriously considering getting your property out there on the open market. If you don’t own an Outer Banks home yet, now would be a great time to get in and reap the benefits of owning a piece of paradise, while the getting is good!

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Decor Ideas for Coastal Living

coastal living white nauticalWhether you live by the beach or just dream about it, you can bring the beach into your home with a few decorating ideas.  The underlying theme of a coastal home is comfort.  The elegant factor comes from the simplicity and the clean aspects of coastal living.

Buy pieces that are comfortable for sitting, dining and living, but also will be easy to clean and maintain.

Think crisp white living rooms with nautical blue pillows, airy light linen curtains, mix up various furniture styles, rustic, cottage or contemporary with rattan pieces.  Then carry out the nautical theme with accents like model sailboats, shell mirrors, coral-inspired chandeliers, sand filled lamps, wicker baskets and glass floats.  Mix and match textiles and tie them together with a common color or print and use them liberally throughout your home.

coastal living farm tableFor the dining area try mixing different colors of chairs and benches with a wooden farm table, or try a shabby white dining table and add hints of beachy colors.  Break out that shell collection to put on display on your hutch or side table.

Linens are a great way to carry out your theme in the bathroom too.  Think seashell prints or carry out the pops of accent colors you have chosen for other areas of your home. Bead board wainscoting can give your bathroom a coastal feel.

Be sure to break up the neutral palette by adding pops of accents colors in unexpected places, turquoise, blues, kiwi or ocean greens and corals.  This will allow your eyes to be drawn around the room.

Use rugs in coastal colors, yellows, blues and whites or sisal.

Pick end tables and coffee tables in unfinished natural shades, pickled or worn wood, or use a crab trap as a side table.

Keep schemes simple and choose accents carefully to maintain the easy effortless nature of beach-inspired décor.

Even if you don’t want a full beach inspired theme you can still coordinate with hints of seashells around your home.  Think of a stunning piece of coral on a table in your hallway.  Display your sea finds on the mantel even if it is only during the summer months.

Whatever you decide go with a relaxed look as that is what being at the beach is all about.

Favorite Foods On the Outer Banks

outer banks foodEveryone loves a good meal and sometimes when you are traveling you don’t know how to find the local favorites. We all use Trip Advisor, Zomato or other apps to help navigate us to the spots with the best reviews.  But many times I have found that those are not always accurate.  I guess we all have different preferences, whether it be the atmosphere or the cuisine, bottom line is that good food is always a bonus when traveling.

I have lived here on the Outer Banks for about 14 years and there have been restaurants that come and some that go.  We tend to only go to the locally owned restaurants and that is also the case when we travel.  So, I wanted to share some of our local favorites and mention my favorite menu item.  This is all just my opinion, and I like different places for different reasons, so it is all a matter of what you are looking for.  I do get asked a lot by clients or by friends on where to go when they are in town.  I always ask them specifically for what they had in mind or what they might be in the mood for to determine where I would recommend.  This, by no means, is all en compassing and doesn’t include all my favorites, but just gives some personal opinion and maybe introduces you to a new place here on the Outer Banks that might become one of your favorites too.

When we are looking for a family friendly type restaurant in the warm weather times of the year, we tend to go to the Outer Banks Brewing Station because of their awesome back yard.  Their pizza is awesome for the adults and the kids and the menu has something for everyone.  During most of the season when it is warm they also have live music in their big fenced in back yard which is awesome for the kids to run and play while adults can relax and eat.  They also brew their own great beers, so don’t forget to try your favorite kind.

outer banks foodThen there are the times when it is me & my husband or a few couples getting together to go out and eat.  That is when you hope the wait at Kill Devil Grill isn’t too crazy.  Most of the time it is, so I can’t have my cheesesteak eggrolls or the chicken wings.  Their specials on their specials board are always good so you can’t go wrong with one of those.  If the wait there is too long, we usually go to either Food Dudes Kitchen or the Red Drum Tap House & Grill.  Food Dudes has a great menu but it is a small restaurant that is getting more and more popular with visitors and the locals.  The nachos with pulled pork are something that my Dad always request me to bring him when I go home to Maryland – not that I can, but they are that good.  The Red Drum is larger and has a bar area so we can usually get a space somewhere to eat fairly quickly during the summer season.  Their mac and cheese with shrimp and country ham is so good and their seafood chowder is one of the best I have had.

Now if you are looking for maybe a lighter meal or just a place to get a cocktail, hands down the best place is Miller’s Waterfront new upstairs Sunset Bar & Grill.  The view is right over the sound and one of the few places that you can eat dinner on the waterfront.  The tacos are so good and the lobster roll sandwich is many people’s favorite.  They have a full bar, so everyone can enjoy their favorite beverage and enjoy the best view around.

If you are looking for a good breakfast and then the best burger you can ever imagine, then you have to go to Art’s Place in Kitty Hawk.  They are right on the beach road so you can also relax outside and watch the ocean.  Art’s also does music in their yard so check on that if you want to hear some live music with your meal or beverages.

not the answer Outer BanksI hope that this offers some guidance on good eats while visiting the Outer Banks.  Feel free to offer any suggestions you might have as well, everyone loves a new great place to eat.

Cara Muglia, REALTOR®
Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

How Hurricanes Affect Home Sales

hurricane real estateEvery year hurricane season rolls up on us fast and furious.  No the dates don’t change, they are standard from June 1st through November 30th. But, until one is looming or on a path headed our way we seem to “conveniently forget” the ramifications they have in closing on the buying or selling of a home.

Most insurance companies STOP writing and/or binding coverage is a tropical system enters a certain area in the Atlantic Ocean.  Most will also not allow you to alter your coverage at these times, by raising or lowering your policy limits.  At this time, FRONTLINE, one of the newer companies offering wind/hail insurance, suspended issuing policies from Wednesday, August 31st – Tuesday, September 6th, AT THE EARLIEST!  They write a lot in Florida but have been reaching north into South Carolina and North Carolina as well.  So basically what this means is that in order to close you need to have a policy in place on the home you are buying, and when they stop issuing you coverage it will delay the process.  Normally insurance binding is handled towards the end of a transaction, sometimes less than a week prior…. So these dates are critical if a storm is a brewing off the coast of Africa.

With the gulf coast states from Texas to Maine carrying the most risk and bearing most of the brunt of the delays based on these incoming “named storms”.  The named storm does NOT have to be a hurricane. It can be a tropical storm, and it is up to the insurance company as to when they suspend their coverage and when they allow it to be written and or altered again.

Three Suggestion For Anyone Purchasing a Home During Hurricane Season:

  1. Purchase your coverage EARLY in the process.  While you are normally shopping for coverage to see who can get you the best rate, AFTER you have your loan in place, please consider getting your quotes early in the process so that you can actually pinpoint who you want to use during the “due diligence” period.  This is crucial in determining whether you can AFFORD the coverage while you still have time to get out of the deal if you can’t.
  2. Let your mortgager KNOW WHO you will be using as soon as you get your numbers in place.  They aren’t billing you until you close, so what’s the harm in deciding now and giving your lender and your attorney a heads up as to who you want to use.  This is just one less thing to worry about closer to the closing date.
  3. If you are closing soon and haven’t bound your coverage… DO IT NOW!  It will save you, your agent, the sellers and your attorney major heartache to be proactive and secure what you know you will need anyway!

If you are currently SELLING your home, this is something you need to ask your agent to make sure the buyer has done so that it doesn’t slow the closing of your home as well or understand why your closing is delayed in the end.

Kim EndreIf you have any questions about insurance or anything real estate related I welcome you to email me at or contact me directly via text or call at (252) 202-3696.  Whether buying or selling I would love to assist you!

Is The Beige Bathroom Out?

beige bathroomThe neutral color scheme has been ideal, soothing whites and timid taupes.  Think white subway tile and Carrara marble and polished chrome or the beige travertine tile with light cabinets.  A neutral color scheme has been safe, desirable and resalable for bathrooms for several decades. But is the beige bathroom going out of style?

Recently, designers are seeing home-design trends shift.  The gutsier palette may reflect the confidence and strengthening real estate market.

The powder room traditionally has been the canvas for some decorating bravado.  The full bath remained a neutral zone.  Many homeowners today are choosing a more colorful palette.  Think full color on walls, pink and green tiling, not that we are likely to revisit the candy-pink sinks and toilets of the mid-20th century.  But designers today are introducing much more green, blues and soft matte blacks and grays into their designs.  Why some of these cool tones?  Cool tones offer an entry point for the color-shy.  For now, most sinks and toilets remain white but a few of the high end retailers are offering matte black faucets and swooping charcoal tubs, although neutrals remain the top sellers.  The tiles people are choosing are more bold and colorful from blues and greens, to browns, blacks and yellows.  New board-like porcelain tiles are also becoming very popular.  More consumers are opting for bolder paint colors than ever before.  Even if they opt for neutral sinks and toilets they are painting the walls blue and using dark cabinets.  If you use similar paint colors at least somewhere else in the rest of your home, entering your bathroom won’t seem like an abrupt swerve into “color land”.  Your home has a working palette, so draw from those hues.

Other tips from the pros:

  • Put samples of flooring, fittings and paint together, it makes the big picture easier to visualize.
  • Avoid pea greens and acid greens…they aren’t so great on the skin.  The color that is hippest right now is blush, because it makes you look beautiful
  • Don’t just rely on color from rugs and towels, even if you just use a strong border color it will update your bath.

Bathrooms are an ideal place to splash out a little.  They aren’t rooms you socialize in.  Success lies in finding the sweet spot between bland and over the top.

New Water Park in Lower Currituck

water park in Lower CurrituckDid you take notice of the press release earlier this month about a water park coming to the Outer Banks?   The plans consist of the construction of an 80 acre park about 2 miles north of the Wright Memorial Bridge. The park is supposed to represent an Outer Banks historical theme with lighthouses, pirates and planes.

The park will have a multitude of water slides and a section dedicated to just children of over 2 acres. There is also plans for a FlowRider, wave pool and adventure lagoon. Specialty restaurants and private eating and gather areas will be offered on what looks to be an upscale family amenity that the Outer Banks is very short on right now.

The big point of discussion on this park is the developers are proposing to limit the number of people that they will allow in per day and they will not be allowing the general public to come into the park. The plan is that there is a limit of 4000-5000 guests each day (much lower than comparably sized water parks) to insure guest’s experience. Locals in Currituck and Dare County will be permitted to purchase admission at any time, but there will be no local advertising and the developers claim they will not be permitting folks from Chesapeake or surrounding areas that want to just make a day trip to the water park.

This park is set to break ground in the next 30 days and is expected to be finished sometime before the summer of 2017.

How will this affect our real estate market? It’s difficult to say exactly what effects the park will have on our overall real estate market. We do know that the park has the potential to boost rents as the only guests admitted will need to be renting from a select rental agency that is a “partner” in the water park.   No, not all rental companies will be partners and thus there may be a residual effect on rentals for those houses with agencies that are exclusive partners.  At this time it looks like about half of the local agencies will be participating in their partner program.  In turn this could cause better rents and better rents always mean more value. The park will also mean more jobs for the locals in the surrounding areas which is always a plus.  These jobs might help stimulate what has been a stagnant real estate market of lower mainland Currituck. The homes in this area were the hardest hit after the recession and are still struggling to regain value.  Land prices around the surrounding area might rise slightly by the number of new people visiting the park. Surrounding business could also have increased numbers.

It is really too soon to know what effects that the proposed park may have on our economy, but I tend to believe that construction of such a large project will definitely bring positive effects.  Only time will tell and with any luck the wave pool will actually produce a ride able wave for the locals on flat days.

mid-currituck bridgeFor more insights about the Outer Banks and surrounding area please feel free to contact Ken or Pete with Best Buy OBX of Outer Banks Blue.

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Your REALTOR® and Their Value To You

Value. How often do we hear this word in a Real Estate transaction? Most of the time it is being used in the discussion of a property of interest or after an appraisal of your home. But, have you considered the Value your REALTOR® holds in the transaction of buying or selling property? If not you should!

There are some folks who still do not have a thorough understanding of what we do day in and day out and what our Fiduciary Duty involves when representing you. It has taken several decades of hard and diligent work by the National Association of REALTORS®, your State Association of REALTORS® and your Local  Association of REALTORS® in keeping the public and their best interest informed when dealing in the ever changing dynamics of Real Estate.

The term REALTOR® stands for fairness, professional business relations with moral conduct, the highest competency levels we can achieve, and the highest integrity in our business and personal relations. No inducement of profit and no immoral instruction from others will ever justify the departure from this ideal we hold true to ourselves.

There are countless excellent reasons to work with a REALTOR®.

  1. Ethics: We are held to a higher standard as we adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and Professionalism to protect your best interest. It is part of our Mantra and we live by it! (Our very own Tim Cafferty whom I took my first Ethics course from years ago was an Ethics teacher )
  2. Experience: The average American may only purchase or sell a few homes in their lifetime – we have handled hundreds of transactions over the course of our career and continue to gain knowledge every day with the ever changing regulations and laws governing the sale of property.
  3. Searching the Web: While some consumers think they hold everything in their fingertips, a good percentage of what you find on Zillow or Trulia or any major online source has an incredible amounts of flaws with improper information and horribly incorrect property values. Most large online companies looking for profit in advertising take REALTORS® MLS information and misconstrue the numbers by incorrect Algorithms and broad online distribution. REALTORS hold the most accurate information and apples to apples property comparisons as we are the source of all MLS sales and local knowledge.
  4. Guided Instruction: Are you aware of the amount of Legal Forms and Mandated State and Federal Disclosures required in a real estate transaction? They are also increasing very year. We study these requirements – we protect you best interest in buying and selling by guiding you on what you need to fill out and how to do so to protect yourselves.
  5. The Tactics of Negotiations: Let’s talk numbers. You want the most for your money but only want to pay the fair market value correct…maybe less if the situation allows. We study real comparable properties and tell you the realistic numbers. Our job is to get you the best price in selling your property or the best price in purchasing your property with the BEST possible terms allowed. We work for you! We do this daily and study tactful negotiations for buyers and sellers. We see these markets daily and we cannot say it enough- Real Estate is Local based – so deal with a local.
  6. Emotions: Buying or selling a home is one of the most stressful times in your life…fact. Why would you not want to have someone on your side helping you make the process smooth and having an outside Objective opinion keeping you grounded and in line to close the trans action smoothly. I have personally made good friends with a large majority of my client base. Not because I feel like I need to – but for the reason that we go through so much together and become connected. At the end of the day you want a REALTOR® that keeps you professionally and emotionally grounded during and after the transaction.

If you are in the market to buy or sell and are not running to your REALTOR® after reading this…you should be. We do not get paid unless we get your home closed and make you satisfied. If you are thinking of buying or selling you should reach out to your REALTOR® of choice and let them help guide you in one of the most important financial decisions of your lifetime!

The value of your REALTOR®For more information on all things Real Estate or any questions on the Outer Banks, feel free to contact Shane Collins directly with the OBX Island Guys of Outer Banks Blue Realty Services. (252) 202-1193 or email at

Beach Nourishment to Take Place in Towns of Duck, Kitty Hawk, and Kill Devil Hills

Beach Nourishment on the Outer BanksIt is hard not to overlook the big changes that have occurred over the years for those who have been vacationing or residing on the beaches of the Outer Banks. The beaches may seem to be more crowded attributable to families spreading out their endless amounts of chairs, umbrellas, and coolers, or the same cottage in Kitty Hawk your family stayed in every year since the 1950’s appeared to just vanish in thin air. No, the summer heat is not getting to you, beach erosion is.

Beach erosion causes the beaches to become narrower, due to the loss or displacement of sand alongside the shoreline by the events of waves, currents, tides, winds, or human caused actions. The frequency and intensity of hurricanes, tropical storms and depressions, and nor’easters will demonstrate the most noticeable impacts of beach erosion. During such storms, sand is transported to nearby areas to form sandbars and removed from the beach and the sand dunes.

The Outer Bank in particular is more susceptible to significant erosion because of its location. Because of the shorelines facing North East, the occurrence, duration, and strength of storms and nor’easters is higher than most other shorelines. Many studied trends illustrate that the barrier islands of North Carolina are naturally moving inland.

One of the best, proven ways to help facilitate the shrinking shoreline is beach nourishment. Beach nourishment pumps sand from sources such as nearby sandbars, inlets or waterways, or offshore, onto the eroding shorelines. Widening the shoreline helps guard properties and communities on the shoreline from coastal storms and erosion.

During a meeting held on March 17, 2016, Dare County Board of Commissioners accepted the bid that would allow beach nourishment to take place in the Town of Duck, Town of Kitty Hawk, and Town of Kill Devil Hills. These towns are following in the footsteps of the Town of Nags Head who replenished their beaches through beach nourishment from May 2011 to October 2011.

The Town of Nags Head completed the nourishment on 10 miles of beach while dumping 4.6 million yards of sand. The beach nourishment resulted in Nags Head having protective offshore sandbars, protective dunes, and a large, visible beach. Prior to the project starting, property lines were set and a static vegetation line was set for measuring oceanfront setbacks. During the actual process, about 1,000 feet of the beachfront was impinged on. Visitors of the beach could walk around construction areas and the areas were usually only affected for 24-36 hours.

During the March 17, 2016 meeting, the bid accepted was from Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company. Of the four bids received, Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company was the lowest, totaling $38,596,850, approximately $4,900,000 under budget.

The schedule for the beach nourishment includes:
Town of Duck: April 1, 2017- June 1, 2017
Town of Kitty Hawk: June 1, 2017- August 20, 2017
Town of Kill Devil Hills: August 20, 2017- October 10, 2017

The Best Real Estate MarketDanielle-2015-10-14-1For more information please feel free to call Danielle and Danny Fenyak at (252) 256-1818 or email Danny at

Keeping Your Garden in Harmony

Gardening on the Outer Banks

The residential backyard is starting to take on a different purpose all over the country. Backyard edible gardening is becoming quite the trend and hopefully will never fade out.  They are popping up all over the place from New York City rooftops and balconies to big downtown restaurants hanging on their upcycled wall towers.  In Coastal North Carolina, The Outer Banks is no exception.

Who would have thought that a coastal community where sand is one of the main elements and makes up many people’s backyard could have a successful garden? Over the years a larger number of residents and local restaurants have been trying their green thumb too much success and with the increase of new backyard gardens more people have joined in on what was mainly only done on large acres in farming communities.

Gardens attract one of the most important givers of vegetation….the Bee! Bees are sometimes regarded as a little bit scary by my children in the backyard. However they are almost always all buzz and no bite.  The truth is that bees are one of the most important factors to the productivity of your garden. Bees are considered the number one pollinator. I have spent many hours in my garden doing everything by the book for my fruits and veggies, but if bees do not visit….our garden is in trouble. Over the last two years I noticed a significant decline in the bees in our yard and also a significant decline in the yield of my garden from lack of pollination.  After doing some research and hearing from other gardeners I started to understand why they were disappearing….our pesticides!

In the name of profit with no care of the recourse or side effects large corporations have disregarded the harmony of our ecosystem and environment with the creation of neonicotinoids. This chemical is sprayed all over crops across the US in order to eliminate several types of pests. Unfortunately it is ingested by the Bee and has been reducing their numbers in the millions. If we plan on living in Harmony with Nature- our world needs to change the way we farm.

Let’s take Nature back on the Outer Banks and across the globe for our families and future generations.  Please look into the items you use in your gardens and yard to keep away pests and see if there is a natural solution…there almost always is.  Here is to a successful and high yield Garden!

Keep on Buzzing!

outer banks real estate teamFor more information about gardening on the Outer Banks or if you are interested in buying or selling real estate on the Outer Banks, feel free to contact Shane directly with the OBX Island Guys of Outer Banks Blue. Please feel free to call Shane (252) 202-1193 or email at

Marriage, Surfing and Real Estate

Marriage, surfing, and real estate. You ask, what do these three things have in common? You can read all of the books, watch all of the instructional videos take surfing lessons, get pre-marriage counseling, hire a real estate coach, but with all three you have to actually get in the water, walk down the aisle or sit at a closing table to get the full experience. With all three it takes perseverance, patience and commitment.

Patience, especially if you are an east coast surfer, we get about 15-20 pretty good days a year. If you golf, you can probably golf comfortably 200 days a year. With surfing you are trying to ride a wave that moves and changes shape as well as taking into account the wind changes, tidal shifts, swell direction, crowd factor and shifting sandbars. With marriage, as well as all relationships, patience is incredebily important to achieve balance and happiness. If you decide to have kids, patience takes on a whole new level, well, at least for me, with 3 kids, it did. Patience is a crucial key to real estate. You might as well pick a new profession if tolerance doesn’t come natural. Every transaction, client, home, municipality are each distinctive and different and all create different type ob obstacles.

Perseverance in marriage likens to the old saying, it is better to give than to receive. Sticking together through thick and thin is the simplest prescription for a long marriage. Perseverance in surfing takes on a new light. Surfing has been likened to one of the most difficult sports to master. I started snowboarding 19 years ago and within 2 days I was proficient (I could get down the mountain with out falling most times). With surfing I have been doing it for the better part of 41 years and still feel like a beginner on many days. Persevering in both takes a vow to stay connected whether it be to your spouse or to the sport of surfing. Perseverance in surfing is best summed up from an old saying that says, “if you used to surf, you never did”. Selling real estate is the only job I know you can work 73 hours a week for 6 months and not receive a paycheck. I have often heard that the work you do today is the paycheck that you receive 3-4 months from now. Similar to marriage, sticking it out is one of the keys to being successful in real estate.

Commitment can come in many forms. Commitment for the long haul when it comes to marriage. Commitment, in the moment, when it comes to surfing. Surfing takes determined, sharp focus in waves of consequence. Commitment, when your paddling into an 8 ft wave, takes 100% commitment, there is no room for hesitation. Any hesitation will put you getting pitched over the falls. Similar to marriage, if your not 100% committed for the long haul the results often end up not so good. Marriage needs 100% commitment for a successful and balanced relationship. In the end, a happy wife is a happy life. Commitment to a successful real estate career involves diving in with both feet. It isn’t a job that can be done part time or even ¾ time. My clients enlist me to guide them through the process of buying, selling or building, normally, the biggest investment they are involved with. I feel a duty to be 100% commited to my clients and my profession.

mid-currituck bridgeFor more insights about the Outer Banks and surrounding area please feel free to contact Ken or Pete with Best Buy OBX of Outer Banks Blue.

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