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outer banks foodEveryone loves a good meal and sometimes when you are traveling you don’t know how to find the local favorites. We all use Trip Advisor, Zomato or other apps to help navigate us to the spots with the best reviews.  But many times I have found that those are not always accurate.  I guess we all have different preferences, whether it be the atmosphere or the cuisine, bottom line is that good food is always a bonus when traveling.

I have lived here on the Outer Banks for about 14 years and there have been restaurants that come and some that go.  We tend to only go to the locally owned restaurants and that is also the case when we travel.  So, I wanted to share some of our local favorites and mention my favorite menu item.  This is all just my opinion, and I like different places for different reasons, so it is all a matter of what you are looking for.  I do get asked a lot by clients or by friends on where to go when they are in town.  I always ask them specifically for what they had in mind or what they might be in the mood for to determine where I would recommend.  This, by no means, is all en compassing and doesn’t include all my favorites, but just gives some personal opinion and maybe introduces you to a new place here on the Outer Banks that might become one of your favorites too.

When we are looking for a family friendly type restaurant in the warm weather times of the year, we tend to go to the Outer Banks Brewing Station because of their awesome back yard.  Their pizza is awesome for the adults and the kids and the menu has something for everyone.  During most of the season when it is warm they also have live music in their big fenced in back yard which is awesome for the kids to run and play while adults can relax and eat.  They also brew their own great beers, so don’t forget to try your favorite kind.

outer banks foodThen there are the times when it is me & my husband or a few couples getting together to go out and eat.  That is when you hope the wait at Kill Devil Grill isn’t too crazy.  Most of the time it is, so I can’t have my cheesesteak eggrolls or the chicken wings.  Their specials on their specials board are always good so you can’t go wrong with one of those.  If the wait there is too long, we usually go to either Food Dudes Kitchen or the Red Drum Tap House & Grill.  Food Dudes has a great menu but it is a small restaurant that is getting more and more popular with visitors and the locals.  The nachos with pulled pork are something that my Dad always request me to bring him when I go home to Maryland – not that I can, but they are that good.  The Red Drum is larger and has a bar area so we can usually get a space somewhere to eat fairly quickly during the summer season.  Their mac and cheese with shrimp and country ham is so good and their seafood chowder is one of the best I have had.

Now if you are looking for maybe a lighter meal or just a place to get a cocktail, hands down the best place is Miller’s Waterfront new upstairs Sunset Bar & Grill.  The view is right over the sound and one of the few places that you can eat dinner on the waterfront.  The tacos are so good and the lobster roll sandwich is many people’s favorite.  They have a full bar, so everyone can enjoy their favorite beverage and enjoy the best view around.

If you are looking for a good breakfast and then the best burger you can ever imagine, then you have to go to Art’s Place in Kitty Hawk.  They are right on the beach road so you can also relax outside and watch the ocean.  Art’s also does music in their yard so check on that if you want to hear some live music with your meal or beverages.

not the answer Outer BanksI hope that this offers some guidance on good eats while visiting the Outer Banks.  Feel free to offer any suggestions you might have as well, everyone loves a new great place to eat.

Cara Muglia, REALTOR®
Outer Banks Blue Realty Services

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