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The main objective when listing a home on the market is to sell it at the highest possible price based on current market conditions in as few days as possible.  One of the main factors would be the competition in the market place for a home similar to yours whether it be in neighborhood, size, price range.  There are a few factors that can always help place you one step ahead of the rest and hopefully capture the eyes of buyers in a timely manner:

Curb Appeal:  This is the first opportunity for someone to fall in love with your home or dread walking in the front door.  If you have a warm and inviting, clean and kept yard with a bright entry your home invites people in on its own versus a home that looks like it needs a lot of work before you even get inside.  A home loved on the outside is usually loved on the inside as well.

Condition of home:  whether inside or out the home needs to be in the best possible showing condition.  If you have projects started, finish them.  Have you had a home inspection so you know what to expect when you do get an offer?  Sometimes it is worth the time and effort to complete the items and stick to your guns on price later knowing that nothing should be found upon inspection process.  Another option would be to inspect and reduce the price based on the inspection items providing estimates and share it with potential buyers.

Stage your home:  Both inside and out.  De-clutter whenever possible.  If possible move some of your furniture into storage so that your potential buyers can see and feel how open and spacious the home is, while wat the same time placing their own items mentally inside.  Outside set up inviting areas for people to enjoy… you know the best and worst parts of your home… accentuate the positive.

Upgrade as needed, but not overdoing it:  The kitchen and baths are the best places to improve.  They can also be the most costly.  Don’t overdo the upgrades and not be able to recoup the price based on the sale.  There are several in between ways to dress up these areas without blowing your budget.  I’ve seen people paint their existing cabinets or replace the doors only or even take the doors off to make more of a farmhouse feel.  Countertops are a great way as well to make a room pop and feel refreshed and clean.

Price:  Of course PRICE is the main determining factor in the sale of your home.  As a matter of fact it’s the main factor in if your home is even shown at all.  If your home is overpriced you will receive less showings overall.  Unless you have something NO ONE else has, your price will dictate everything.  If supply is high and it’s a buyer’s market you need to stay competitive and never miss an opportunity to get someone into your home.  If supply is low and it’s a seller’s market you have a bit more leeway in regards to your asking price, but you need to be careful none the less.

Listen to your agent:  You’ve hired a professional to market and sell your home.  Your agent wants your home sold just as fast as you do.  If they feel that something needs to be done in order to make your home more saleable, listen to them… or at least consider their opinions.  Sometimes the market gets stale and a slight correction needs to be made to the price, or an upgrade needs to be added based on competition – your agent is only trying to assist you in getting your home sold as fast as possible at as high a price as possible.  You need to put your trust and faith in them as the professional you hired to do this job.

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