Real Estate Agents are Critical for Successful Transactions

This topic never gets old for Realtors. Watching buyers and sellers trying to buy or sell without hiring a professional real estate broker can be a painful.  Our value is often questioned. The reality is, much of what we do as real estate agents is behind and scenes and elusive to the naked eye. The facts are hard to ignore.  Ninety-two percent of all for-sale-by-owners sellers end up listing with an agent to sell their home. According to NAR, the National Association of Realtors, more than 8 out of 10 real estate transactions occur with the help of real estate agent or broker. Here are some reasons why having an agent represent you is so important.

Experience & Expertise

Yes, it’s true we all can’t be experts on everything. Hiring someone who knows more than yourself about any given subject is a crucial decision. Understanding the housing market and the neighborhoods is only part of what an agent can bring to the table. Here are just a few things that all agents must be knowledgeable about: price guidance, market conditions, financing guidelines, contracts, disclosures, legal requirements, HOA covenants, permits, contract negotiations and confidentiality.  We are ethically bound to provide proper and equal guidance to every client.

Proper Marketing

Sellers will get represented on all fronts of the internet. Having your property listed with an agent assures that your home gets maximum exposure. Our MLS feeds all internet sites such as Zillow, Trulia and It is your agent who checks to make sure that your property is properly represented. The right photos and proper verbiage can make or break a home sale. Agents also market and speak with other agents behind the scenes. Many deals are struck by a Realtor telling other agents about how special your home really is. Open houses and broker open houses can create a visual effect that far surpasses the internet.


This is the exact reason why many sellers and buyers don’t want to use an agent. Selling or buying a home is can be emotionally draining.  Often, buyers and sellers want it both ways. Sellers want to tell us about how great their home is and how much it is worth. Buyers want to low-ball well priced homes.  Everyone wants a deal. Our job is to educate buyers and sellers to find common ground.  I find that most people just want to be treated fairly.  It is our job to ensure that this happens.


Few can circumnavigate the world of negotiating over large sums of money or property.  Realtors face this challenge on a daily basis. Separating the emotions from buyer’s and seller’s overall goals is challenging at times. We are the liaison that helps keep the peace and keep everyone on the same page. We are the voice of reason and frequently give emotional stability to our clients. We operate ethically and always represent the greater good of our clients.

Real Estate agents wear many hats. We are sometimes the coach and sometimes the friend. The numbers do not lie about our worth for both buyers and sellers. Still, some choose to go it alone and represent themselves.  I tip my hat to those that are successful at this process. It’s the full-time agents that are in the trenches on a daily basis that succeed in helping the most people. Realtors are experts in what we do for buyers and sellers.

I am proud of my honest approach to selling real estate in a competitive market.  I believe in representing my clients to the fullest extent.  I am available 7am to 7pm 7 days a week.  Call me if you would like to chat about the buying and selling process.

Ken Baittinger

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