Outer Banks Blue


Tim Cafferty

Born in Decatur, Georgia, Tim Cafferty, Owner and President of Outer Banks Blue Realty Services, moved to the Outer Banks when he was 18 months old.  Practically a native, he was also born and raised in the hospitality and vacation rental industry starting his first job in 1970 carrying linens to the cars of incoming guests each weekend for his family’s business.  Dreaming of becoming a fireman, Tim took off to UNC-Chapel Hill and ended up getting his Masters in Journalism.  Returning to the Outer Banks, because why would he leave, he began working again with his family at their vacation rental management firm.  Tim learned all the aspects of the real estate business including sales, property management, and vacation rentals while he began his path as a REALTOR(R).

He believes in hard work, personal accountability and selflessness and has raised his five children with the same beliefs.  His passions include his five children and a commitment to excellence in service, which is what made him finally decide to open his own company in 2005.  Tim has his a set of goals taped to an index card under his desk to this day, and when you look around at his accomplishments, you can see the importance of doing the same.

When he isn’t at the office you can usually find Tim cooking, watching one of his kids sporting events, or maybe even announcing at a football game for the local high school.

FAVORITE OBX SPOT:  That’s a trick question… I have at least 20!


HIS HERO:  Connor Cafferty, his youngest son